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Hi, I'm Tiffany!

I'm a social entrepreneur, speaker, curriculum developer, writer, and the proud founder of Fulphil.

My personal mission is to inspire youth, girls, and minorities to realize their potential to make an impact on the world—to see things not as how they are, but as how they might be.

I began my entrepreneurial journey at 21 and have empowered 2,000 students across the US to create 500+ social impact startup ideas for their local communities by the time I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania upon receiving my B.A., M.S in Sociology and Nonprofit Leadership.

Since then, I've been nominated for the 2019 Greater Philadelphia Social Innovation Award and SustainPHL Social Impact award as the youngest in history, in addition to being featured on Forbes, SiriusXM, Technical.ly, and more.




Tiffany is truly a changemaker. She dedicates 24 hours of her day to improving the social enterprise scene. Spreading innovation to the community is her specialty. Tiffany has engaged so many stakeholders and connected the dots of resources. Tiffany brings together all stakeholders from schools, local entrepreneurs, government leaders, to impact investors to bring forth the new generation of leaders who will stay to create local impact for Philadelphia. Collaboration is key and Tiffany truly brings everyone into the conversation and holds them accountable to create employment in the impact scene even under time/resource constraints."

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